Is there no tap water when the water softener is regenerating?

Woda z kranu i pod prysznicem

There are many myths about water softening, and one of the most popular is the belief that water after softening is sterile. But is it really so? Has softened water lost all its minerals and nutrients? In this article, we will try to answer these questions and clarify any doubts.

Understand the water softening process

First of all, in order to understand whether the water after softening is sterile, we need to understand what the water softening process is all about. In short, water softening works by removing calcium and magnesium ions, which are the main causes of water hardness. This process is accomplished with an ion exchange resin that attracts and replaces calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions. Water after this process is definitely more friendly to our home appliances, dishes, skin and hair.

Is water softening demineralization?

NO. This is a very important distinction. Water softening is not a demineralization process. Demineralization of water is a process by which all minerals are removed, not only calcium and magnesium, but also minerals such as potassium, sodium, sulfur, chlorine and many others. Otherwise, water softening only removes calcium and magnesium ions. The chemical composition of the water does not change significantly and most of the minerals remain intact.

Water softening and the quality of our kitchen

When we talk about water softening, we cannot ignore the impact it has on our kitchen. Most people notice a difference in the taste of water after softening, but what about preparing food or beverages such as coffee or tea? Does softened water affect their taste?

We can prepare coffee and tea on soft water without any obstacles. What's more, water with a minimum degree of hardness is recommended for this type of hot drinks. Thanks to this, the taste of coffees and teas will be even more expressive, they will not leave deposits on the dishes and will look like from the best coffee shop.

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