Ranking of water softeners

On the web you can find a lot of questions about which water softener is the best. Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to this question. The prepared Ranking of water softeners presents products willingly chosen by users. It helps to compare devices and their special advantages. Everything to help you choose the best solution.

Zmiękczacz wody dwuelementowy Ecoperla Softower M
Zmiękczacz wody kompaktowy Ecoperla Vita 25

Top 1: Water softener with activated carbon Ecoperla Hero

Ecoperla Hero is a water softener that exceeds the standard capabilities of similar devices on the market. It is not just an ordinary water softener - it is an innovative device that combines the functions of a water softener, based on the principle of ion exchange, with the functions of a carbon filter. Thanks to this combination, Ecoperla Hero deserves a leading place in the Ranking of water softeners, offering the user not only soft tap water, but also tasty and healthy drinking water.

The compact housing of Ecoperla Hero hides as much as 40 liters of the bed, which is invariably arranged in two layers. There is a layer of coconut activated carbon on the surface, which not only improves the taste and smell of the water, but also protects the ion exchange resin from substances that can shorten its life. Activated carbon is additionally impregnated with silver, which protects the deposits against microbiological contamination. All components from reputable manufacturers guarantee the highest quality, thanks to which Ecoperla Hero consistently ranks high in the Ranking of water softeners. By choosing Ecoperla Hero, you choose a device that is a leader in the water softener Ranking, guaranteeing not only soft water, but also healthy and tasty drinking water.

Distinguishing features of the Ecoperla Hero water softener:

  • As much as 40 liters of filter bed arranged in layers
  • 10 liters of Italian-made coconut activated carbon impregnated with silver
  • 30 liters of monospherical ion exchange resin
  • Control head and housing manufactured by Clack
  • Ecoperla Perfect System
  • Efficient Up-Flow regeneration
  • Software in Polish

Top 2: Ecoperla Softower water softeners

In second place in the Ranking of water softeners, it is worth considering those devices that are characterized by particularly high efficiency. One of them is the Ecoperla Softower series, two-element water softeners available in three different sizes: S, M, L. These devices are so versatile that they work well both at home and in some industries where large amounts of soft water are needed.

Water softeners from the Ecoperla Softower series are not afraid of difficult conditions. They are designed and built to meet the most demanding tasks. This makes them an excellent choice not only for the home, but also for places where large amounts of soft water are required, such as hotels, swimming pools and industry.

All models of the Ecoperla Softower series are equipped with specially developed Ecoperla Smart System settings, which ensure exceptionally economical and safe operation of the devices. Thanks to this, they are not only efficient, but also economical to use, which translates into their high position in the Ranking of water softeners.

Distinguishing features of Ecoperla Softower water softeners:

  • Ecoperla Smart System
  • Monosphere resin
  • Efficient Up-Flow regeneration
  • The control head of the well-known manufacturer Clack
  • Built-in mixer to adjust water hardness
  • Software in Polish
  • The function of intelligent calculation of the time until the next regeneration

Top 3: Ecoperla Softcab water softeners

The third place in the Ranking of water softeners deserves the Ecoperla Softcab series. This is a line of compact water softeners available in three sizes, with 12, 25, and 35 liters of monospherical ion exchange resin. Exceptional precision of workmanship, high quality of materials used and innovative solutions guaranteeing safe operation are the key advantages of this series.

The design of the cabin and the Ecoperla Softcab control head is the result of close cooperation with the renowned American manufacturer, Clack. In each model in this series, the individual components are perfectly matched to each other, which guarantees reliability and long-term operation of the device.

An additional advantage of the Ecoperla Softcab series is the Ecoperla Perfect System, which ensures low operating costs. Thanks to this, softeners from this series are not only effective, but also economical to use. These are the features that contribute significantly to their high position in the Ranking of water softeners.

Distinguishing features of Ecoperla Softcab water softeners:

  • Monosphere resin
  • The control head and housing are created in cooperation with the American manufacturer Clack
  • Ecoperla Perfect System
  • Efficient Up-Flow regeneration
  • Built-in mixer to adjust water hardness
  • Software in Polish

Top 4: Water softeners with WiFi Pentair IQsoft

The fourth place in our Ranking of water softeners was awarded to Pentair IQsoft devices equipped with a WiFi module. They are one of the most advanced softeners available on the market, which offer not only high efficiency, but also unprecedented comfort of use.

The innovation of these devices is manifested primarily in the use of a WiFi module that allows remote management and monitoring of the device's operation, as well as an audible alarm informing about a low salt level.

Pentair IQsoft is also distinguished by its economical and ecological operation. These devices use minimal amounts of salt and water during the regeneration process, which translates into significant savings. Regeneration is not only efficient, but also well suited to the needs of the household, and most importantly - it is very fast.

An additional advantage is the use of proportional brining and UpFlow technology in these softeners. These are advanced solutions that significantly increase the efficiency of the device. That is why Pentair IQsoft deserves a high, fourth place in our water softener Ranking.

Distinguishing features of Pentair IQsoft water softeners:

  • Possibility of control via WiFi
  • Audible salt level alarm
  • Anti-flooding systems
  • Entirely created in Pentair factories
  • Head with solenoid valves
  • Dry salt tank system
  • Proportional brining

Top 5: Water softeners with WiFi Ecoperla Slimline

The fifth place in our Ranking of water softeners is occupied by the extraordinary Ecoperla Slimline series, created thanks to the cooperation of the well-known manufacturer Ecoperla with the global leader in the industry - Pentair. These devices have gained recognition thanks to the combination of modern technologies with practical functions that make their use easier.

The distinguishing feature of Ecoperla Slimline softeners is the WiFi module, which enables remote control of the device and monitoring of its operation. In addition, these devices use a dry tank system and an audible alarm informing about a low salt level, which significantly increases the comfort of using the device.

Ecoperla Slimline is a series of water softeners that is a combination of modernity and efficiency. Thanks to the use of solutions such as Ecoperla Perfect System, proportional brining and shortening the regeneration time while maintaining full efficiency, these devices deserve to be called one of the most economical on the market. Their unique properties mean that these softeners could be on the podium of our water softeners Ranking.

Distinguishing features of Ecoperla Slimline water softeners:

  • Can be controlled via the ConnectMySoftener mobile application
  • Ecoperla Perfect System
  • Audible salt level alarm
  • Proportional brining
  • Dry brine tank system
  • Control head with solenoid valves
  • Monospherical bed
  • Software in Polish

Top 6: Ecoperla Vita water softeners

The honorable sixth place in our Ranking of water softeners is occupied by the excellent Ecoperla Vita series. The set consists of two models of water softeners - Ecoperla Vita 12 and Ecoperla Vita 25, which are distinguished by their compact size and exceptional efficiency. These models are products of the Polish brand Ecoperla, known for supplying high-quality components from renowned manufacturers around the world.

Ecoperla Vita 25, which is a larger model, has a 25-liter tank with ion exchange resin. It is ideal for 4-5 people, guaranteeing the softening of the right amount of water. Its smaller counterpart, Ecoperla Vita 12, with a 12-liter tank, is dedicated to 2-4 people, fulfilling its task equally effectively.

The Ecoperla Vita series is distinguished not only by compact dimensions and high efficiency, but also by amazing economy of operation. By combining Upflow regeneration with the intelligent settings of the Ecoperla Perfect System, these softeners use minimal amounts of salt and water during regeneration, while maintaining maximum process efficiency. Despite the position far from the top in this Ranking of water softeners, they do not differ in quality from models from higher positions. The Ecoperla Vita series is still the highest class among water softeners.

Distinguishing features of Ecoperla Vita water softeners:

  • Ecoperla Perfect System
  • Branded components
  • Monosphere resin
  • Maximum salt level indicator
  • Water hardness can be adjusted
  • Anti-flood protection

Top 7: Ecoperla Toro water softeners

The Ecoperla Toro series is seventh in the Ranking. These are two water softeners with 24 and 35 liters of deposit. Ecoperla Toro is a simple-to-use, attractive-looking, but also efficient water softener. It is included in the Ranking of water softeners primarily because of its unusual structure, which has many advantages. The designers decided to separate the brine tank from the epoxy cylinder, making the installation of a water softener never so easy. Secondly, it is a very hygienic solution because the salt does not come into contact with the bottle. An additional convenience is the built-in By-pass.

It is worth mentioning that Ecoperla Toro has Ecoperla Perfect System settings that extend the life of the bed and minimize the cost of maintaining the device. Inside we find the highest quality monosphere resin.

Distinguishing features of Ecoperla Toro water softeners:

  • Ecoperla Perfect System
  • Monosphere resin
  • Innovative design
  • Built-in by-pass
  • Dedicated control head
  • Water hardness can be adjusted
  • Backlit display

Top 8: Pentair RiverSoft Water Softeners

To conclude our water softener Ranking, we present the Pentair RiverSoft series. Despite the last position, this is a series of devices that definitely deserve attention. Pentair RiverSoft water softeners are compact devices that combine three key features: effective operation, ease of use and durability of components - all at a very affordable price. These devices belong to the economic segment, and their main purpose is to effectively fulfill their basic function - water softening.

Pentair RiverSoft products are entirely manufactured in the factories of the renowned manufacturer Pentair, an international player with an established position on the market, trusted by many users around the world. This company focuses on durable components and solid materials, which guarantees long-term and trouble-free operation of the devices. This range of water softeners is no exception to this rule, proving that quality and reliability are always at the forefront of Pentair. Despite their place in the Ranking of water softeners, Pentair RiverSoft softeners are a solid and noteworthy proposition.

Distinguishing features of Pentair RiverSoft water softeners:

  • Good quality at an affordable price
  • Uncomplicated operation and programming
  • Good Autotrol steering head
  • Component durability
  • DownFlow regeneration
  • Attractive warranty conditions
  • Entirely produced by Pentair

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