Two-element softeners

Two-element water softeners are designed for both industrial and social purposes. The size of the treatment plant depends on the parameters of the water and the desired capacity.

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Two-element water softeners

Two-piece water softeners made of branded components are more expensive than most compact water softeners. For domestic applications, it is more profitable to choose a compact system (e.g. Ecoperla Slimline 24 or Ecoperla Toro 20 water softener).

Components of two-part water softeners (e.g. control head, anti-overflow protection, brine valve, sump, injector) are selected individually, by the seller or according to the customer's request. In compact water softeners, all components are contained in a plastic housing. Instead of a separate tank in the cabin, there is a separate compartment for salt tablets

The main components of the two-element water softener:

  1. Control head - a controller that regenerates the resin column after the flow of a certain amount of water
  2. Pressure tank - has a specific capacity, which determines how much resin can be filled with it
  3. Ion exchange resin - granules with the ability to exchange calcium and magnesium ions for sodium ions
  4. Brine tank - container with regenerant, connected to the control head with a flexible hose

What is worth paying attention to when choosing a two-element softener: the quality of the control head, the intuitiveness of the programmer, the availability of spare parts, the filter bed used, the bed volume and flows, the presence of anti-overflow protection devices, the quality of the water softener housing, the ease of refilling the salt.

What are the advantages of two-element softeners?

Two-element water softeners are devices that offer many advantages compared to other types of water softeners. Their design is based on two elements that work together to provide soft water in your home. In one element there is a cylinder with ion exchange resin that removes scale and other unfavorable substances from the water, while in the other element there is a brine tank that regenerates the resin and maintains the appropriate parameters of the device.

One of the biggest advantages of two-element water softeners is that the ion exchange resin bottle is separate from the brine tank. Due to the fact that these are separate elements, the user has the option of refilling the brine tank on their own, which allows for greater flexibility in using the device. In addition, this design allows for easier and faster regeneration, which affects the efficiency and effectiveness of the device.

Another important advantage of two-element water softeners is that they have a brine tank with a larger capacity compared to other types of softeners. Thanks to this, the user can use the device for longer without having to refill the tank frequently. In addition, two-element water softeners have a salt level indicator that informs the user about the need to refill the brine tank.

The use of two-element water softeners also improves the quality of the water that is delivered to your home. Due to the fact that the ion exchange resin bottle is separated from the brine tank, the resin is better able to do its job, and thus remove scale and other harmful substances from the water. In addition, this design allows you to maintain the right amount of brine in the tank, which translates into the effectiveness and efficiency of the device.

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