Ecoperla Softcab 25 water softener

The Ecoperla Softcab 25 water softener is an advanced device with a modern design. Made of solid plastic, the housing is not only aesthetic, but also durable and resistant to damage. The functionality of the design is emphasized by the ease of use and access to all essential elements of the device.

Key components such as the control head and the cabinet were co-created with the renowned American manufacturer Clack. Thanks to this, the Ecoperla Softcab 25 water softener is characterized by reliability and efficiency at the highest level.

Ecoperla Perfect System settings, designed to save water and salt, ensure that the operation of the device is economical.

The mixer, integrated with the control head, enables precise adjustment of the water hardness to the individual needs of the user. Easy refilling of the brine tank and an additional cover for the control head increase the comfort of operation.

The device is equipped with anti-overflow protection, which increases operational safety. An easy-to-use interface and software in Polish make the Ecoperla Softcab 25 water softener a user-friendly device.

What distinguishes the Ecoperla Softcab 25 water softener?

The control head in harmony with the housing creates a coherent system, which was possible thanks to cooperation with Clack. This complex is perfectly complemented by a monospherical deposit.

Settings are optimized to minimize running costs while maintaining regeneration efficiency by controlling water and salt consumption. Such parameters guarantee effective and stable operation of the device.

The heart of the water softener is a monospherical resin, characterized by high durability and efficiency. It is a bed that guarantees optimal results of the water softening process.

Technical data of the Ecoperla Slimline 24 water softener
hydraulic connection: 1″
Recommended flow [m³/h] 1.5
Maximum flow [m³/h] 3.0
Recommended working pressure [bar] 2.0-6.0
Amount of filter bed [l] 25
Salt consumption per regeneration [kg] 3.0
Water consumption for regeneration [l] 120


Wymiary zmiękczacza wody Ecoperla Softcab 25

Features of the Ecoperla Softcab 25 water softener

Obudowa zmiękczacza wody Ecoperla Softcab 25

The housing of the Ecoperla Softcab 25 water softener is made of durable material, resistant to any mechanical damage. This guarantees long-term durability and trouble-free operation of the device for many years. This element, made with extreme precision, perfectly matches the built-in control head, which creates a harmonious whole in terms of both functionality and aesthetics. The appropriate design of the housing also ensures effective protection of the internal components of the softener. What's more, the housing has been designed in such a way as to ensure easy access to all structural elements of the softener, which facilitates its operation and maintenance. The durability of the housing and its matching with the control head are the result of intensive work of engineers who took care of every detail.

Głowica zmiękczacza wody Ecoperla Softcab 25

The Ecoperla Softcab 25 water softener control panel is synonymous with convenience and intuitive operation. Equipped with a backlit display, it guarantees clear and easy-to-read information, regardless of lighting conditions. The software is available in Polish, which further simplifies the process of entering settings and daily operation. You no longer have to worry about understanding complicated instructions - everything is tailored to the needs of the Polish user. You can easily adjust the softener settings to the specifics of your water installation, optimize its operation or monitor the condition of the device. The easy-to-use interface enables a quick response to any problems, which translates directly into the longevity and efficiency of the softener. The Ecoperla Softcab 25 interactive control panel is a real convenience for every user, simplifying the use of advanced water softening technology on a daily basis.

Zbiornik soli zmiękczacza wody Ecoperla Softcab 25

The Ecoperla Softcab 25 water softener is designed to make everyday operation of the device as easy as possible for the user. An important element of this functionality is the salt tank, which is located at the front of the device. This strategic location allows you to easily access and check the salt level without having to move the entire softener. The large opening for filling the salt additionally facilitates refilling, allowing you to add salt quickly and cleanly. An additional advantage is the sliding lid of the tank, which not only guarantees trouble-free refilling, but also protects the inside of the tank from dirt. All this makes the operation of the Ecoperla Softcab 25 simple and convenient, and maintaining the right level of salt is not a problem.

Mieszacz zmiękczacza wody Ecoperla Softcab 25

The control head in the Ecoperla Softcab 25 water softener is the work of the American manufacturer Clack, known for the production of highly reliable and durable components for filtration systems. This precisely made control unit guarantees smooth and trouble-free operation of the device for many years. The use of such a head is a guarantee of high quality and reliability, which translates into long-term use and satisfaction with the operation of the softener. But Clack doesn't stop at quality and reliability - it also cares about serviceability of its products. The Ecoperla Softcab 25 control head has been designed with ease of operation and maintenance in mind. All elements are easily accessible and easy to manipulate, which simplifies maintenance processes as well as possible repairs. This significantly reduces the time needed for service, increases the convenience of use and translates into lower operating costs of the device.

Osłona sterownika zmiękczacza wody Ecoperla Softcab 25

The Ecoperla Softcab 25 water softener has a special cover that plays a key role in protecting the controller - the heart and brain of the entire device. This extremely important part of the softener may be exposed to various types of mechanical impurities, especially when replenishing salt in the brine tank. This process, while usually simple and hassle-free, can sometimes result in the formation of tiny particles that can get inside the device. That's where the controller cover comes in, preventing contaminants from getting into key system components. Durable, but at the same time light and easy to dismantle, it is an effective protective barrier. Thanks to it, the use of the Ecoperla Softcab 25 softener becomes even safer and the life of the device is extended.

Certyfikat zmiękczacza wody Ecoperla Softcab 25

The hologram that decorates the Ecoperla Softcab 25 device is not only a decorative element, but above all a sign of originality and a certain origin of the product. In the era when numerous counterfeits appear on the market, the hologram becomes an important security measure for consumers. Thanks to it, we can be sure that we are dealing with an authentic device that has been manufactured in accordance with the highest standards. This means not only a guarantee of quality, but also an assurance that all components used in the softener are original and fulfill their tasks as expected. A hologram is a kind of certificate of authenticity, proving the manufacturer's diligence and respect for the customer. Its presence on the housing of the Ecoperla Softcab 25 softener confirms that we are dealing with a real, proven product and not an unreliable imitation. The hologram is a symbol of safety, trust and a guarantee of the highest quality offered by the Ecoperla brand.

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