Ecoperla Toro 24 water softener

The Ecoperla Toro 24 water softener ensures simple installation thanks to its two-piece casing, which is one of its key advantages. It is distinguished by a dedicated control head that ensures precise operation of the device. Additionally, the salt tank is easily accessible, which makes it easier to maintain.

It pleases the eye with its modern design and compact dimensions, thanks to which it fits perfectly into various spaces in the house. Its aesthetic appearance is emphasized by the backlit display, which further facilitates the operation of the device.

The Ecoperla Toro 24 softener contains a high-durability bed, which guarantees long-lasting and effective operation of the device. Perfect head settings ensure optimal water softening, and the built-in bypass valve further increases the functionality of the device.

In addition, the softener allows you to adjust the water hardness, allowing you to adjust its parameters to individual needs. The supplied instruction manual is detailed, which enables easy operation of the device.

What distinguishes the Ecoperla Toro 24 water softener?

Perfectly selected control head settings that have a positive impact on the life of the filter bed and the failure-free operation of the water softener.

A system for effective regeneration of ion exchange resin, in which the brine is fed from the bottom, i.e. through the most exploited bed.

The cabinet (part with the salt tank) and the filter bed cylinder are two separate elements that can be moved apart during assembly of the device.

Technical data of the Ecoperla Toro 24 water softener
hydraulic connection: 3/4″
Recommended flow [m³/h 1.5
Maximum flow [m³/h] 2.0
Recommended working pressure [bar] 2.5-6.0
Amount of filter bed [l] 24
Salt consumption per regeneration [kg] 2.9
Water consumption for regeneration [l] 130
Wymiary zmiękczacza wody Ecoperla Toro 24

Features of the Ecoperla Toro 24 water softener

Odłączana butla Ecoperla Toro 20

The key component of the Ecoperla Toro 24 water softener is an intelligently designed head with connections. It is unique in that it can be easily detached from the housing in which the salt tank is located. Thanks to this functional solution, the installation of the softener becomes much easier, regardless of the user's experience level. The design of this unit is the result of careful engineering and constant innovation, which are key features of the Ecoperla brand. Practicality and ease of use are what distinguish Ecoperla Toro 24 from other devices on the market. This ensures hassle-free installation, allowing you to quickly start enjoying soft, clean water in your home.

Zawór przelewowy Ecoperla Toro 20

The overflow valve on the Ecoperla Toro 24 water softener plays a key role in preventing potential flooding problems that may occur if the float is not functioning properly. It is a reliable protective system that automatically drains excess water when the level in the salt tank exceeds a safe limit. Thanks to this, regardless of possible float failures, we can be sure that the boiler room will remain dry. The overflow valve is an element that shows how much the creators of the softener care about the safety and comfort of users.

Zbiornik solanki Ecoperla Toro 20

The salt cover, made of the highest quality materials, tightly isolates the brine from the surroundings, which not only protects the stored resources, but also minimizes the risk of contamination or the development of undesirable microorganisms. Therefore, this cover definitely contributes to improving hygiene standards during the operation of the softener. This is especially important in the context of long-term use of the device, which should consistently provide clean and safe water. All this confirms that Ecoperla Toro 24 is not only an efficient and functional device, but also a product characterized by attention to detail and an uncompromising approach to quality.

Bypass zmiękczacza wody Ecoperla Toro 20

The By-Pass function, built into the Ecoperla Toro 24 water softener, is an important tool that allows you to easily turn off the device from the water supply system. This is especially useful during maintenance, breakdowns, or when you want to temporarily stop using the softening function. Thanks to this mechanism, we can freely manipulate the water flow without fear of negative effects on the rest of the system. On the other hand, the integrated mixer is an advanced element that allows you to precisely adjust the water parameters to your preferences.

Panel sterujący Ecoperla Toro 24

The Ecoperla Toro 24 water softener has an intuitive programmer that makes it easier to configure the device. This programmer is a key tool that allows you to precisely enter settings into the softener head, adapting them to the individual needs of the user. The clear display provides important information about the current operating mode of the device, which allows for immediate reaction and possible correction of the system operation. Additionally, the intuitive programmer ensures ease of use, thanks to which even less technically advanced users can easily manage the device.

Certyfikat zmiękczacza wody Ecoperla Toro 20

The issue of product authenticity is particularly important in the context of water softeners, which are increasingly counterfeit on the Polish market. Taking care of its customers, Ecoperla has used a special hologram that guarantees the originality of the product. This sticker is extremely difficult to forge, which makes it certain that we are dealing with a real Ecoperla Toro 24 softener. The hologram is a guarantee that we are receiving a top-quality product that was created in accordance with the highest standards. This is an expression of Ecoperla's care for its reputation and customer satisfaction.

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