Ecoperla Vita 25 water softener

The Ecoperla Vita 25 water softener is a perfect combination of modern design and high functionality. Thanks to its compact dimensions, it will fit perfectly into any interior, and the original look will add elegance to any room.

The device is equipped with a high-class control head from the renowned American manufacturer Clack, which guarantees reliability and precise operation. Efficient monospherical ion exchange resin provides effective water softening, and UpFlow countercurrent regeneration minimizes salt and energy consumption.

The advanced settings of the Ecoperla Perfect System enable precise control of the softening process, and the indicator of the maximum level of salt in the brine tank and easy salt replenishment facilitate the operation of the device.

Additional protection is provided by the control head cover, and the built-in relief valve ensures safety. The whole is complemented by a mixer in the control head, enabling precise adjustment of water hardness.

What distinguishes the Ecoperla Vita 25 water softener?

All components of the device (including the cabinet) are manufactured in Europe. The device also features a world-class American Clack head.

A system for effective regeneration of ion exchange resin, in which the brine is fed from the bottom, i.e. through the most exploited bed.

The bed used in the Ecoperla Vita water softener is a monospherical ion exchange resin. This resin is created without organic solvents.

Technical data of the Ecoperla Vita 25 water softener
hydraulic connection: 1″
Recommended flow [m³/h] 1.5
Maximum flow [m³/h] 3.0
Recommended working pressure [bar] 2.0-6.0
Amount of filter bed [l] 25
Salt consumption per regeneration [kg] 3.0
Water consumption for regeneration [l] 130


Wymiary zmiękczacza wody Ecoperla Vita 25

Features of the Ecoperla Vita 25 water softener

Głowica zmiękczacza wody Ecoperla Vita 25
The Ecoperla Vita 25 water softener has been designed with maximum comfort of use in mind. The large charging opening is a key element that greatly simplifies the process of refilling the tableted salt. Without any difficulty, we can add the right amount of salt, without fear of spilling the product. In addition, free access to the inside of the cabinet allows you to easily check the condition of the device and perform routine maintenance. This solution greatly facilitates the operation of the softener, saves time and eliminates potential problems related to keeping the device clean. Thanks to this, the use of the Ecoperla Vita 25 softener is not only effective, but also extremely simple and convenient.
Przelew zmiękczacza wody Ecoperla Vita 25

The overflow valve built into the Ecoperla Vita 25 water softener is an important element ensuring safety of use. It serves as an additional protection against possible flooding of the room in which the device is installed - for example, a boiler room. This valve comes into play when the standard mechanism - the float - does not work properly. The float controls the water level in the softener's brine tank, and the overflow valve is an additional protection that prevents the tank from overflowing. Without it, the malfunction of the float could result in uncontrolled water outflow. Thanks to this solution, even in the event of a failure, the risk of damage can be minimized.

Sterownik zmiękczacza wody Ecoperla Vita 25
The Ecoperla Vita 25 water softener is equipped with a control head manufactured by the renowned Clack company, known and valued all over the world. The American manufacturer has many years of experience in the industry, which guarantees reliability and excellent quality of its products. The control head is the heart of the device, it controls all processes, such as water softening or resin regeneration. Clack's advanced technologies, which have been used in the control head, ensure precise operation of the Ecoperla Vita 25 softener, which translates into excellent parameters of water supplied to the system. The use of such a high-quality component is a guarantee of long-term and trouble-free operation of the device.
Mieszacz zmiękczacza wody Ecoperla Vita 25

The mixer built into the Ecoperla Vita 25 water softener, also known as the mixer, is an extremely useful function that allows you to precisely adjust the hardness level of the water supplied to the system. Thanks to this, the user can adjust the water parameters to his individual preferences. Irrespective of the hardness of the water entering the system, water with parameters ideally suited to the needs is obtained at the outlet. Thanks to this solution, the device works not only effectively, but also economically. Another advantage is the ability to individually adjust the water hardness to the needs of household members and household appliances, which translates into extended life of the devices and improved comfort of using water.

Wskaźnik poziomu soli zmiękczacza wody Ecoperla Vita 25

The Ecoperla Vita 25 water softener has an intelligent maximum salt level indicator, which is used to control the amount of salt added to the device. This practical element minimizes the risk of the so-called salt bridges - structures that can form in a tank when too much salt is added. Salt bridges hinder the proper flow of water and may negatively affect the effectiveness of the softening process. Thanks to this indicator, the user can easily control the salt level in the tank and add the right amount, which translates into long-term and effective operation of the softener. In addition, a properly filled salt tank ensures an optimal regeneration process.

Zbiornik na sól zmiękczacza wody Ecoperla Vita 25

The Ecoperla Vita 25 water softener has been designed with the user's comfort in mind, which is best confirmed by the functional cover of the salt compartment. This simple, yet ingenious design significantly facilitates keeping the device clean, and thus positively affects its long-term and trouble-free operation. Thanks to the lid, which tightly closes the compartment, the salt is isolated from the environment, which minimizes the risk of contamination and maintains hygiene of the entire system. In addition, the lid offers easy and quick access to the brine tank. You do not have to worry about the complicated process of cleaning or replenishing salt - the whole procedure is simple, intuitive and does not require specialist knowledge.

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