Ecoperla Slimline 24 water softener

The Ecoperla Slimline 24 water softener is a device that combines innovation with practicality. It is equipped with a WiFi module, thanks to which we can control the device remotely, which greatly facilitates operation. It includes a Pentair head, operating on solenoid valves, and advanced salt and water saving systems. Precise head settings ensure the highest performance, and the compact and robust housing ensures durability.

The Ecoperla Slimline 24 water softener is a product for which the manufacturer gives a very long warranty - proof of trust in quality and reliability. Its simple settings, supported by a programmer in Polish, make the device easy to use, and the use of new technologies optimizes the water softening process.

The life of the bed is exceptionally high, which translates into long-term use. The device allows you to adjust the water hardness, adapting to the individual needs of the user. A detailed instruction manual helps in the operation of the device, and the ease of use makes using the Ecoperla Slimline 24 water softener a real pleasure.

What distinguishes the Ecoperla Slimline 24 water softener?

Carefully configured control head settings contribute to extending the life of the filter media and guarantee trouble-free operation of the water softener.

A system for effective renewal of ion exchange resin, in which brine is supplied from the bottom, i.e. to the most exploited part of the deposit.

The technology used and the components of the device make it possible to skip one stage of regeneration (backwashing), which means less water consumption.

Technical data of the Ecoperla Slimline 24 water softener
hydraulic connection: 3/4″
Recommended flow [m³/h] 1.5
Maximum flow [m³/h] 2.4
Recommended working pressure [bar] 1.4-8.3
Amount of filter bed [l] 24
Salt consumption per regeneration [kg] 3.0
Water consumption for regeneration [l] 117


Wymiary zmiękczacza wody Ecoperla Slimline 24

Features of the Ecoperla Slimline 24 water softener

Panel sterujący Ecoperla Slimline

The head of the Ecoperla Slimline 24 water softener is equipped with a clear, illuminated control panel that allows intuitive and simple settings. The user can easily adjust the parameters of the device to his needs, without having to deal with complicated instructions or an incomprehensible interface. The whole thing is fully adapted to Polish-speaking users - the menu and all messages are displayed in Polish. A few buttons are enough to adjust the softener to individual needs, and functions such as water hardness adjustment or regeneration time setting are at your fingertips. The head offers many configuration options, meeting the expectations of demanding people.

Certyfikat zmiękczacza wody Ecoperla Slimline 24

In the era when many counterfeits of high-quality products, such as water softeners, are circulating on the Polish market, it is extremely important to be sure that we are buying an authentic device. It is for this reason that the Ecoperla Slimline 24 water softener has been equipped with a glued hologram. This is a guarantee that we have an original product that meets all safety standards and offers the highest level of performance. By purchasing a product with a hologram, we can be sure that we gain access to full technical support, service and guarantees offered by the Ecoperla brand. As a result, the hologram on the water softener not only proves its authenticity, but also gives us as users additional confidence and peace of mind.

Tył zmiękczacza wody Ecoperla Slimline

The Ecoperla Slimline 24 water softener is equipped with the latest generation head from Pentair, one of the world's leading manufacturers. This head works on the principle of solenoid valves, which are well known for their extraordinary reliability and efficiency. Solenoid valves are a key element of the softener control system, responsible for precise control of the water softening process. In the Ecoperla Slimline 24 softener, these high-quality components ensure virtually trouble-free operation of the device, which is crucial for its durability and efficiency. Thanks to this, users can always enjoy clean water without worrying about potential failures or problems with the functioning of the device.

Bypass zmiękczacza wody Ecoperla Slimline

One of the essential elements of the Ecoperla Slimline 24 water softener is the built-in By-Pass valve with a mixer. This practical solution allows you to disconnect the device from the water system circuit without interrupting the water supply to the entire house. In the event that service, maintenance or other technical work is required, the softener can be easily and quickly disconnected and then reconnected without affecting the rest of the installation. The built-in mixer additionally allows you to adjust the water parameters, thanks to which we can adjust its hardness to individual needs and preferences. The convenience and practicality of this solution translate into the comfort of using the Ecoperla Slimline 24 water softener and definitely facilitate its operation.

Zbiornik na sól zmiękczacza wody Ecoperla Slimline

The Ecoperla Slimline 24 water softener has been designed with the user's comfort in mind. The housing of the device is profiled in such a way that access to the tablet salt compartment is extremely easy. This is essential for regular maintenance, which guarantees a long life and efficiency of the device. Refilling the salt is easy and quick, without the need to dismantle any elements. The ergonomic housing fits perfectly with the equipment of the technical room, while maintaining its aesthetics. In addition, thanks to the unique shape of the housing, the device takes up a minimum amount of space, which is especially important in the case of smaller technical rooms or with limited space.

Akcesoria zmiękczacza wody Ecoperla Slimline

The Ecoperla Slimline 24 water softener set includes a practical hose with clamps. This element is extremely useful, as it enables trouble-free drainage of the washings and the overflow valve, which is crucial for the correct and effective operation of the device. Using the included hose with clamps greatly simplifies the softener installation process, saving you time and effort. What's more, professionally made clamps guarantee a secure and solid connection, eliminating the risk of leaks or cracks. This is extremely important, especially in the context of long-term operation of the device. By investing in Ecoperla Slimline 24, you get a comprehensive solution that includes everything you need to effectively soften water at home.

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