Pentair RiverSoft 30 water softener

The Pentair RiverSoft 30 water softener is an excellent choice for people who value solidity and reliability at an affordable price. This product has been manufactured entirely by the renowned Pentair company, which is known for its commitment to the quality and durability of its products.

The Autotrol 368 control head is responsible for the trouble-free operation of the device. This proven and solid element is the heart of the softener, guaranteeing its reliability. What's more, the programming and operation of the device are simple and intuitive, which makes the RiverSoft 30 water softener an ideal choice for people who value comfort and functionality.

Another advantage of this device is the built-in mixer, which allows you to adjust the water hardness at the outlet. Thanks to this, the user has the ability to adjust the operation of the device to his individual needs.

The Pentair RiverSoft 30 water softener is equipped with high-quality components that ensure a long life of the device. All this is additionally confirmed by an attractive door-to-door guarantee, which is a guarantee of quick and effective service in the event of a possible failure.

In conclusion, the Pentair RiverSoft 30 is a durable, robust and easy-to-use water softener that offers high-quality solutions at an affordable price.

What distinguishes the Pentair RiverSoft 30 water softener?

A cheap water softener created in the factories of the giant of the water treatment industry - the Pentair corporation.

Convenient door-to-door guarantee. You can get help in case of problems without leaving your home.

The device is distinguished by a very solid workmanship and the use of durable materials in production.

Technical data of the Pentair RiverSoft 30 water softener
hydraulic connection: 3/4″
Recommended flow [m³/h] 1.0
Maximum flow [m³/h] 1.5
Recommended working pressure [bar] 1.4-8.3
Amount of filter bed [l] 30
Salt consumption per regeneration [kg] 3.0
Water consumption for regeneration [l] 123


Wymiary zmiękczacza wody Pentair Riversoft 30

Features of the Pentair RiverSoft 30 water softener

Głowica sterująca zmiękczacza wody Pentair RiverSoft 30

The Autotrol 368 control head, which is an integral part of the Pentair RiverSoft 30 water softener, is a guarantee of failure-free and effective operation of the device. Its advantage is the simplicity of both programming and operation. To configure the operation of the softener, it is enough to enter only three data. This solution eliminates the need for complicated settings, which greatly facilitates the use of the device. Regardless of the level of technical sophistication, every user will be able to configure the softener. Thanks to this, it is possible to quickly and effectively use the device in home conditions, without the need to involve specialists or service technicians. This is extremely important in the event of a failure - the ease of configuration translates into minimizing the downtime of the device.

Zbiornik solanki zmiękczacza wody Pentair RiverSoft 30

The design of the Pentair RiverSoft 30 water softener has been designed with user comfort in mind. The central place in this idea is occupied by the salt tank, which has been placed in the front part of the device. Located at your fingertips, it is not only easily accessible, but also perfectly visible. Thanks to this, the user can check the salt level at any time without having to carry a heavy device or use additional lighting. All this is possible thanks to the well-thought-out design of the tank, which takes into account the practical needs of everyday use. Just adding salt to the tank is extremely quick and convenient. It does not require any complicated procedures or additional tools. Just open the lid, add the right amount of salt and close the lid.

Kolanko przelewowe zmiękczacza wody Pentair RiverSoft 30

Safety is key in every aspect of our lives, and the Pentair RiverSoft 30 water softener is no exception. It has effective anti-flood protection in the form of an overflow elbow. It is an extremely practical and reliable solution that can prove invaluable in the event of a breakdown. The overflow elbow works as a fuse - when the water level in the tank reaches a critical point, this protection will automatically drain the excess liquid to the outside, preventing flooding of the room. This practical and easy-to-use solution allows you to maintain peace of mind, even when we are not able to monitor the device directly. Whether you're at home or away, you can rest assured that your water softener is safe and won't cause unforeseen problems.

Przyłącze zmiękczacza wody Pentair RiverSoft 30

Connecting the Pentair RiverSoft 30 water softener is simple and convenient. The device has been designed so that its installation is as simple as possible and does not require specialized skills or tools. Both assembly and disassembly are easy and quick, which makes this water softener user-friendly at every stage of use. The key element of the softener, which significantly increases the comfort of its use, is the built-in mixer. Thanks to it, it is possible to precisely adjust the water hardness at the outlet. The mixer allows you to adjust the water parameters to the individual needs and preferences of the user. So you can decide whether the water should be completely soft or slightly harder. This solution gives you the opportunity to influence the quality of water in your home, which is invaluable, especially in situations where water from the municipal network does not meet our expectations.

Osłona zmiękczacza wody Pentair RiverSoft 30

The hinged cover system built into the device provides the user with quick and uncomplicated access to two key components: the control head and the regeneration salt tank. This practical solution allows for easy and trouble-free operation of the device, regardless of the user's needs and skills. The cover made of high-quality plastic can be easily lifted, allowing instant access to the inside of the device. Designed to ensure ease of use, it allows you to easily and quickly check the state of regeneration salt or service the control head. You can easily adjust the settings, control the salt level in the tank or refill it. The cover is made of a resistant material.

Pokrywa do zbiornika solanki zmiękczacza wody Pentair RiverSoft 30

Pentair RiverSoft 30 is a water softener that combines strength, durability and aesthetics. Each element of this device has been carefully designed and made of high-quality materials, which translates into its long life. The key role in this aspect is played by the housing in which all components of the device are enclosed. The housing of the Pentair Riversoft 30 water softener is made of a solid and durable material that is resistant to mechanical damage and corrosion. This material is perfect for the conditions in which the water softener works - it is resistant to moisture, temperature fluctuations, as well as salt, which is necessary in the regeneration process. The aesthetics of the housing is not only its attractive appearance, but also its functionality. Smoothed edges and carefully finished details testify to the manufacturer's diligence and attention to every detail.

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