Pentair IQsoft 25 water softener

The Pentair IQsoft 25 water softener is an advanced device that uses the latest technologies to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

It is fully manufactured by Pentair, a leading manufacturer on the market, which guarantees the reliability and durability of all components. This fact is emphasized by a 10-year warranty on individual elements of the device.
The main control point is an advanced panel that not only allows for precise settings, but also offers a WiFi module. Thanks to it, you can control the operation of the softener from anywhere, using a smartphone or computer.

The menu in Polish makes it easy to operate the device, while the audible salt level alarm is a reliable indicator when the tank needs refilling.

Pentair IQsoft 25 uses an innovative proportional brining system that minimizes salt consumption for regeneration. This solution, combined with short Up-Flow regeneration, allows for process optimization while reducing water consumption.

The head of the device is equipped with solenoid valves, which guarantees trouble-free operation. In addition, the device has a dry salt tank system that increases the life and efficiency of the softener.

Finally, IQsoft 25 is equipped with advanced security systems that protect the device from failures and give users peace of mind. Durable and solid components guarantee many years of trouble-free use.

What distinguishes the Pentair IQsoft 25 water softener?

The integration of the WiFi module with the control head enables uninterrupted observation of the operation of the water softener. The mobile application effectively informs the user about the need to top up the brine tank.

The Up-Flow regeneration technique contributes to a more efficient renewal of the filter bed. The brine solution is supplied from the bottom up, which guarantees complete renovation of the most worn segments.

Thanks to the implemented innovations, it has become possible to remove one of the regeneration cycles without affecting performance. The regeneration period has been reduced to a minimum, which means less water and salt consumption.

Technical data of the Pentair IQsoft 25 water softener
hydraulic connection: 3/4″
Recommended flow [m³/h] 1.5
Maximum flow [m³/h] 2.5
Recommended working pressure [bar] 1.4-8.3
Amount of filter bed [l] 25
Salt consumption per regeneration [kg] 3.1
Water consumption for regeneration [l] 99


Wymiary zmiękczacza wody Pentair IQsoft 25

Features of the Pentair IQsoft 25 water softener

Głowica zmiękczacza wody Pentair IQsoft 25

The Pentair IQsoft 25 water softener is equipped with an innovative control head that works on the basis of solenoid valves. It was created by the world leader in the production of water treatment equipment, Pentair. This American corporation is known for providing reliable and durable solutions, and the control head is no exception. The advanced mechanism of solenoid valves enables precise control of the water flow and the regeneration process, which translates into efficient operation of the entire system. The operation of the head is based on complex but reliable technological solutions, which are the key to its reliability. It is a fundamental component that directs all key operations of the softener, ensuring its optimal performance and longevity. The Pentair control head is one of the elements that make IQsoft 25 a unique device in its class.

Dźwiękowy alarm dosypywania soli zmiękczacza wody Pentair IQsoft 25

The audible alarm informing about the need to add salt in the Pentair IQsoft 25 water softener is an amazing convenience that significantly increases the comfort of using the device. It notifies the user when the salt level in the tank is low, thus eliminating the need to constantly monitor the state of the resources. Thanks to this, we can be sure that the device always works at full capacity, and the quality of the softened water remains at the highest level. This practical notification system is extremely effective and reliable, and at the same time easy to use. The audio alert is clear and easy to hear, but not loud enough to be intrusive. This smart solution avoids a situation where the salt tank is empty, which could negatively affect the performance of the softener. In addition, it effectively helps to keep the device in perfect condition, which translates into its longevity and reliability. Thanks to this, the sound alarm for adding salt becomes an integral part of the intelligent management system of the Pentair IQsoft 25 water softener.

Zmiękczacz wody Pentair IQsoft z WiFi

The Pentair IQsoft 25 water softener has been designed with comfort and efficiency in mind. Its integrated WiFi function allows you to seamlessly and comprehensively control your device, no matter where you are. Thanks to the possibility of connecting to a wireless network, you can manage and monitor the operation of the softener via a dedicated mobile application. The application allows access to detailed information about the current state of the device, including salt level, filtration status, as well as the need for regeneration. In addition, the application offers the possibility of receiving notifications on your phone, for example in the event of a low level of salt in the tank. This ensures that your device is operating optimally, even when you are not at home. This feature is especially useful for people who travel frequently or have more than one place of residence.

Obudowa zmiękczacza wody Pentair IQsoft 25

The housing of the Pentair IQsoft 25 water softener is made of durable and damage-resistant plastic, which ensures durability and longevity of the device. This material is resistant to changing weather conditions, does not corrode or degrade, thanks to which the softener can be successfully installed both in utility rooms and outside buildings. In addition, the compact size of the device allows it to be installed in almost any place - regardless of whether it is in a narrow cabinet, tight boiler room, or free space in the garage or basement. The dimensions of the softener have been designed to meet the expectations of even the most demanding users. Despite its small size, the device is characterized by high efficiency, which is the result of the use of modern technologies and solid components. The housing, in addition to functional aspects, also has an attractive, modern design that easily fits into the aesthetics of various rooms, which is another advantage of this water softener.

Podświetlany zbiornik na sól zmiękczacza wody Pentair IQsoft 25

The regeneration salt tank in the Pentair IQsoft 25 water softener is extremely practical thanks to the backlight, which allows you to immediately check the status of the resources. Thanks to the built-in lighting system, maintenance and operation of the device become much more convenient, even in low light conditions. You can easily see the salt level. This design of the salt tank makes it easier to keep it clean, which has a direct impact on the quality of the softener's operation. An important benefit of the backlight is also the fact that it allows for precise dosing of salt, which translates into the efficiency and economy of the softener. This is particularly important from the point of view of an ecological approach to resource management and operational savings. To sum up, the backlight of the salt tank is not only a convenience, but also an element affecting the operation of the device.

Wyświetlacz zmiękczacza wody Pentair IQsoft 25

The two-line display installed in the Pentair IQsoft 25 water softener is an extremely practical element of the device, which is a significant added value for the user. Its purpose is not only to provide clear information on the operation of the softener, but also to increase the overall convenience of using the device. The display shows all the necessary data, such as the operating status of the device, information about regeneration cycles or salt level in the tank. The displayed messages are clear and understandable, which allows you to monitor the status and operation of the device on an ongoing basis, without the need to delve into technical details. It is an invaluable solution for people who value comfort and ease of use. In addition, the display is backlit, thanks to which all information is legible even in poor lighting conditions. The interface is intuitive and clear, and the operation of the device does not require specialist knowledge. The whole thing is complemented by a menu and messages in Polish, which further facilitates the management of the softener.

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