Ecoperla Hero water softener

The Ecoperla Hero water softener is an advanced device for water purification and softening, based on the trusted Clack control head. It provides ideal water for food use, thanks to 40 liters of layered bed.

It consists of a monospherical ion exchange resin that effectively softens water by removing unwanted calcium and magnesium ions. In addition, Ecoperla Hero is equipped with a silver impregnated coconut, which is responsible for improving the taste and smell of water and removing organic impurities and bacteria, ensuring high quality of purified water.

The settings of the control head are factory programmed, which greatly facilitates the operation of the device. In addition, the whole thing is managed by software in Polish, which further increases the comfort of use.

The Ecoperla Hero softener is enclosed in a compact housing with small dimensions, which allows it to be easily placed even in small rooms. Access to the brine tank is simple and quick, and the entire installation of the device is intuitive and does not require specialist knowledge.

What distinguishes the Ecoperla Hero water softener?

The Ecoperla Perfect system is a proprietary solution for regulating the control head, which, combined with the counter-current flow, guarantees economic operation and harmonious operation of the device.

Automatic Counterflow Regeneration - Both filter media regenerate their performance through a countercurrent flow process. This method saves both water and salt while maintaining full system efficiency.

Careful selection of filter materials eliminates the risk of their mixing, which guarantees extremely effective filtration without compromising quality.

Technical data of the Ecoperla Hero water softener
hydraulic connection: 1″
Recommended flow [m³/h] 1.8
Maximum flow [m³/h] 3.6
Recommended working pressure [bar] 2.5-6.0
Amount of filter bed [l] 40
Salt consumption per regeneration [kg] 3.5
Water consumption for regeneration [l] 140


Wymiary zmiękczacza wody Ecoperla Hero

Features of the Ecoperla Hero water softener

Przyłącza zmiękczacza wody Ecoperla Hero

The Ecoperla Hero head was manufactured by the world-renowned American company Clack. It is an element that plays a key role in the water softening process, regulating the flow and distribution of water in the system. The direct connection of the head with the control panel not only simplifies the operation of the device, but also guarantees efficiency and precision. Cooperation with Clack guarantees the reliability and durability of the product, thanks to which the user can count on long-term, trouble-free operation of the device. The modern technology introduced by Clack makes the control head durable, resistant to damage and easy to service. All this translates into high comfort of use, allowing the use of clean and soft water without the need for frequent service interventions.

Zbiornik na sól zmiękczacza wody Ecoperla Hero

The tank for tableted salt, which is an essential element in the process of regeneration of the ion exchange resin, in the Ecoperla Hero model has been strategically placed on the front of the cabinet. This practical solution provides easy and convenient access for the user, greatly facilitating the regular replenishment of salt. The tank housing has been designed to effectively protect the contents from external contamination, which is crucial for maintaining the proper quality of salt and for the effectiveness of the entire water softening process. The practicality of this solution is also emphasized by the fact that the tank is easy to clean and service, and access to it does not require the use of any additional tools. The tank's compact size is suited to the requirements of modern homes and commercial facilities where space is often at a premium. All this makes the Ecoperla Hero softener one of the most ergonomic and usable solutions available on the market.

Ekran zmiękczacza wody Ecoperla Hero

The Ecoperla Hero water softener is equipped with a backlit screen that displays the most important information about the operation of the device. It is an advanced tool that not only allows you to control the functioning of the system, but also informs the user about the current status of the softener. Here we can track, for example, the level of salt in the tank, the degree of water softening, as well as the status of the current bed regeneration. Thanks to this, the user always has full control over the water softening process. The screen is clear and easy to read, even in low light, thanks to the use of backlight technology. In addition, all information and options available in the device menu are in Polish. This greatly facilitates the operation of the softener, regardless of the level of technical advancement of the user.

Obudowa zmiękczacza wody Ecoperla Hero

The Ecoperla Hero water softener is characterized by a compact housing, which the manufacturer has designed with maximum efficiency and functionality of the device in mind, while maintaining an elegant appearance. The material from which the housing is made is not only solid and resistant to damage, but also easy to keep clean, which makes this model of water softener extremely practical. The renowned American manufacturer Clack is responsible for the production of the housing, guaranteeing the highest quality workmanship. The compact dimensions of the housing allow easy placement of the device even in a small space, which is especially important in the case of smaller houses or apartments, where every centimeter is at a premium. Despite its compact size, the housing provides enough space for all the necessary components of the water softening system, including a large salt tank and a spacious control panel.

Głowica zmiękczacza wody Ecoperla Hero

The Ecoperla Hero water softener control panel is a real device control center, designed to ensure the highest level of use. It is not only convenient, but above all intuitive to use, thanks to clear icons and a simple menu that allows users to quickly and easily make changes to the settings. What's more, this panel is protected by a transparent cover, which is a solid protective barrier against possible mechanical damage. This cover is extremely important, especially in the case of installations where the softener may be exposed to various external factors, such as impacts or dirt. Both the panel and its cover are easy to clean, which makes it even easier to keep the device in pristine condition. It is an advanced yet easy-to-use solution.

Certyfikat zmiękczacza wody Ecoperla Hero

The hologram on the Ecoperla Hero water softener is not just a decorative design element. First of all, it is a guarantee of the originality of the product. In the face of the growing number of counterfeits on the market, the presence of a hologram is extremely important for the customer, proving the authenticity of the device and that all components used in it are original and meet the highest quality standards. The hologram is indelible and impossible to forge, which ensures security and confidence that the user has invested in a real, proven product. In addition, the hologram confirms that the water softener has been manufactured to the highest standards and has passed all necessary quality checks. It is also proof that the product complies with applicable standards and regulations, and meets all safety requirements. When buying a product with a hologram, the customer can be sure that he will receive what he paid for - the original, high-quality Ecoperla Hero water softener.

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