Compact softeners

Compact water softeners are dedicated to home use. They are distinguished by the aesthetics of workmanship and uniform construction. In one block (plastic housing) there is a compartment for tableted salt and a pressure cylinder filled with an ion exchange medium.

Zmiękczacz wody kompaktowy Ecoperla Softcab 35
Zmiękczacz wody kompaktowy Ecoperla Vita 25

Compact water softeners

Modern compact water softeners (such as Ecoperla Slimline 24 and Ecoperla Toro) take up much less space than their two-part counterparts. The built-in softening system is easier to fit into tight corners in the basement, garage or boiler room.

The components of the water softener (mainly the control head, anti-overflow protection, brine valve, sump, injector) are selected by the manufacturer of the device. The customer receives a finished, assembled product. It is very important to choose a compact water softener with the right components.

Compact water softener connection diagram:

  1. The main water meter in the house
  2. Mechanical filter (preferably Atlas Filtri Sanic)
  3. Compact water softener with an ion exchange bed
  4. Heating boiler (DHW tank)

What is worth paying attention to when choosing a compact softener: the quality of the control head, the intuitiveness of the programmer, the availability of spare parts, the filter bed used, the bed volume and flows, the presence of anti-overflow protection devices, the quality of the water softener housing, the ease of refilling the salt.

What are the advantages of compact softeners?

Compact water softeners are devices that allow you to obtain soft water in a comfortable and safe way for the user. Thanks to their compact design, water softeners of this type can be installed in small rooms, and their housing is usually aesthetic and unobtrusive.

One of the biggest advantages of compact water softeners is the fact that they save water and energy. Thanks to the fact that the water is soft, we use less cleaning agents and cosmetics, which translates into saving money and protecting the environment. In addition, soft water allows household appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and boilers to function longer and more efficiently. Thanks to this, these devices use less water and energy, which in turn means saving money for the user.

Compact water softeners are also characterized by the convenience of use. These are devices that do not require frequent salt refills, and their regeneration cycle is automatic, which allows you to maintain maximum efficiency and reliability. What's more, compact water softeners are easy to install and use, thanks to which even people unfamiliar with hydraulics can successfully use them.

Another advantage of compact water softeners is their durability and strength. They are usually made of the highest quality materials, which allows them to be used for a long time without having to be replaced. Thanks to this, the user can enjoy soft water for many years, and at the same time save money on repair or replacement costs.

The last but equally important advantage of compact water softeners is their effectiveness in removing scale and other mineral deposits from water. Thanks to the use of the appropriate ion exchange resin and the UpFlow countercurrent regeneration system, water softeners of this type allow for effective removal of scale and other deposits, which in turn translates into greater efficiency of household appliances and less maintenance required for plumbing systems.

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