Water softeners

When choosing the right water softener, you should pay attention primarily to the quality of the device. The central filter is to serve us for many years. We should not be guided only by the price. Cheaper water softeners can be very expensive to run.

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Water softeners - which one to choose?

It is important to recommend other users of water softeners and the availability of components. The manufacturer should have all spare parts. This allows trouble-free post-warranty service in the event of potential problems.

The size of the water softener is selected according to a special formula that takes into account the hardness of the water and its average monthly household consumption. For a house with 4 to 6 people, a water softener with 20 liters of cationic resin is usually sufficient. If the value of calcium carbonate is significantly exceeded, treatment plants are selected individually. If the installation, in addition to hardness, also contains iron and manganese, it is recommended to use a filter with a multifunctional bed.

Popular Water Softener Certifications:

  1. NSF Certification - The presence of the NSF mark on a product or equipment in the food industry indicates that the product has been assessed, tested and certified by NSF International.
  2. The WQA certificate - Water Quality Association's Gold Seal has become one of the most well-known and respected drinking water quality certificates in the USA and around the world.
  3. CE certificate - The CE certificate is a manufacturer's declaration that the product meets the basic requirements of the relevant European law regulations in the field of health, safety and environmental protection.

Water softeners are designed to capture the compounds of magnesium and calcium ions responsible for its hardness from the water, and then convert them into neutral sodium ions. The water-softening bed wears out over time. The water softener controller is responsible for regenerating the bed with a brine solution. The water softening station in the whole house is a practically maintenance-free device. Once every 2 months, pour a bag of salt tablets into the water softener. The deposit loses its properties after 7-10 years.

Why should you install a water softener?

First, a water softener protects your pipes and appliances. Water that is hard (that is, contains a lot of minerals) can cause scale to build up on pipes and appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and boilers. Scale clogs pipes and reduces equipment efficiency, leading to breakdowns and repair costs. A water softener removes minerals from the water and protects your appliances from harmful limescale.

Secondly, a water softener improves water quality. Hard water can make soaps and shampoos harder to lather and washing less effective. In addition, hard water can affect the taste and smell of tea, coffee and other beverages. A water softener removes minerals from water, which improves its quality and taste.

Third, a water softener saves money. Using a water softener reduces the amount of detergents, soaps and shampoos you use, saving you money. In addition, it protects devices against failures, which also affects financial savings.

Fourthly, the water softener protects the skin and hair. Hard water can cause dryness and irritation of the skin and dryness of the hair. The water softener removes minerals from the water, which helps to keep skin and hair moist.

Installing a water softener is a good idea as it improves water quality, protects your pipes and appliances from harmful scale build-up and saves you money. With a water softener, you can enjoy healthier and better-tasting water while protecting your home appliances and your wallet.

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