How often is regeneration in the water softener?

Regeneracja czasowa zmiękczacza wody

Volumetric water softeners are devices that automatically monitor water consumption and start the regeneration process based on the amount of filtered water. Despite their ability to count water flow and adjust regeneration cycles, these devices also come with a timed regeneration feature. This is an important safeguard to ensure that the softener regenerates at least once every 14 days, regardless of the amount of water used.

Why is timed recovery important?

  1. Preventing stagnation: Temporary regeneration minimizes the risk of water stagnation in the system, which may lead to the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms.
  2. Maintaining deposit efficiency: Ensures that the resin bed is regenerated before it becomes fully saturated, helping to maintain continuous water softening efficiency.
  3. System hygiene: Regular regeneration ensures that the softening system remains hygienic, ensuring safe water quality.

How does it work in volumetric softeners?

Volumetric softener heads are programmed to count the amount of water flowing through the system and initiate the regeneration process based on that amount. However, temporary regeneration is an additional safeguard. Even if water consumption does not reach the threshold level requiring regeneration, the system will automatically regenerate 14 days after the last regeneration. This feature ensures that the resin bed is cleansed and regenerated, even with minimal water consumption, which is especially important in cases of seasonal use or low water consumption.

Timed regeneration settings

Setting timed regeneration in volumetric softeners is usually a simple process, accessible through the device's control panel. Users can select an automatic regeneration cycle every 14 days, which is standard practice. It is important to adapt these settings to your individual needs and operating conditions, taking into account factors such as incoming water quality and expected water consumption.


Although volumetric water softeners are designed to optimize the regeneration process based on actual water consumption, the timed regeneration feature is a key element in ensuring that the system remains hygienic and effective. Regular regeneration, at least once every 14 days, guarantees the maintenance of high quality soft water and long-term performance of the softener.

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