Install a softener in a house with a household sewage treatment plant?

Przydomowa oczyszczalnia ścieków biologiczna poś

More and more people are wondering whether to install a water softener in a house that uses a household sewage treatment plant (POŚ). At first glance, this may seem inconsistent, but it is worth taking a closer look at this issue. In this article, we will discuss whether water softeners affect the operation of household sewage treatment plants and which softener models will be the best choice in such a situation.

It is worth noting that most manufacturers of home sewage treatment plants do not have any contraindications to the use of water softeners in conjunction with their devices. In some cases, however, the manufacturer may indicate that devices based on the use of a brine solution must not be used. In this case, unfortunately, it will not be possible to install a water softener.

Types of home sewage treatment plants and water softeners

Pay attention to the type of household sewage treatment plant with which you plan to use the water softener. In general, water softeners do not affect the performance of sewage treatment plants with the infiltration method, sand filter or soil-plant filter. Greater care should be taken at treatment plants with a biological bed or an activated sludge chamber.

A large amount of brine solution introduced into the EWW can slow down the activity of bacteria and thus slow down the decomposition of wastewater. However, it should be remembered that salt does not kill bacteria, and the decomposition efficiency only decreases by a few percent. To maintain the efficiency of the treatment plant, it is recommended to add more bacteria to the device.

Choosing a water softener for a home with a home sewage treatment plant

In the case of houses with household wastewater treatment plants, water softeners are the best choice, as they are more economical and efficient - they use small amounts of salt and have a shortened regeneration process. A good example is the Ecoperla Softower series of water softeners, which, thanks to its properties, can be successfully used in combination with various types of household sewage treatment plants. However, the final choice of softener should be tailored to individual needs and requirements.

Is it worth installing a water softener in a house with a household sewage treatment plant?

Installing a water softener in a house with a household wastewater treatment plant is not excluded, provided that the recommendations of the manufacturer of the treatment plant are followed and the model of the softener is properly selected. It is worth paying attention to the type of treatment plant and the amount of salt introduced into the system so as not to disturb the work of bacteria responsible for the wastewater decomposition process.

Water softeners dedicated to houses with EPL should be efficient and economical, which will minimize the impact of the brine solution on the operation of the treatment plant. We should also remember to regularly add bacteria to the sewage treatment plant to maintain its proper functioning.

In conclusion, installing a water softener in a home with a home sewage treatment plant is possible, but it is worth considering all factors and consulting the manufacturer of the treatment plant and water softening specialists to choose the best solution for your household.

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