Do I need to install any filters before the water softener?

Filtr mechaniczny przed zmiękczaczem wody

A water softener is a device that, as the name suggests, softens water. This process consists in reducing the content of magnesium and calcium ions in the water, which are responsible for water hardness.Hard waterit is not ideal for many household applications such as laundry, dishwashing and even bathing as it can cause limescale build-up.

The need to install filters before the water softener

A mechanical filter must be installed before the water softener. It is essential and unfortunately you have to find a place for this device. There may be various contaminants in the water (large or smaller), which, once they get inside the water softener, will clog the control valve and cause failures.

Installing a mechanical filter in front of the water softener is essential to protect the softener from all kinds of contaminants. This filter acts as your first line of defense, filtering out contaminants that could damage the softener.

Which mechanical filter to choose?

There are different types of filters on the market that can be used before a water softener. Choosing the right filter depends on the nature of the impurities in your water. One of the examples is the bacteriostatic mechanical filter from the Atlas Filtri Sanic series added to Ecoperla devices.

Filters of this type, as the name suggests, not only filter mechanical impurities, but also have bacteriostatic properties, which means that they inhibit the growth of bacteria. This is especially important if the water comes from sources that may be subject to bacterial contamination.

How to properly install the filter before the water softener?

The installation of the filter before the water softener should be done by a professional to ensure proper operation of both devices. The filter should be placed directly in front of the softener so that all water entering the softener will pass through the filter.

Remember that regular maintenance and replacement of filter cartridges is crucial to maintain the efficiency of the filter and the long life of the water softener.

Why is a filter necessary before the water softener?

Based on the above information, we can conclude that the installation of a filter before the water softener is necessary. The mechanical filter serves as the first line of defense to protect the softener from potentially harmful contaminants. Remember to regularly maintain and replace the filter cartridges to maintain the effectiveness of the water softening system.

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