How often is volume regeneration in the water softener?

Regeneracja objętościowa zmiękczacza wody

Volumetric regeneration in water softeners is a process that automatically adapts to the actual water consumption and the hardness of the input water. Unlike timed regeneration, which takes place at set intervals, volumetric regeneration is initiated based on the amount of water that has flowed through the softener. Thanks to this, the system is able to optimally manage regeneration cycles, which translates into operational efficiency and savings on regeneration salt.

How does volume regeneration work?

In water softeners equipped with a volumetric regeneration system, the control head monitors the amount of water processed and triggers the regeneration process when the water flow reaches a pre-programmed limit. This limit is set based on two key parameters: the hardness of the input water and the expected or actual water consumption of the household or business.

Factors influencing the frequency of volume regeneration

Water hardness

The hardness of the incoming water has a direct impact on the rate of depletion of the softener resin bed. The higher the hardness, the faster the deposit becomes saturated with calcium and magnesium ions, which requires more frequent regeneration. Therefore, when programming the softener, it is necessary to take into account local water quality parameters.

Water consumption

The second key factor is the individual water consumption in a given property. Larger households or businesses that use a lot of water will require more frequent resin bed regeneration compared to smaller households.

Volume regeneration setting

Setting the optimal volumetric regeneration frequency requires accurate determination of the input water hardness. Most modern softeners allow you to easily enter this data through the device's control panel, which allows you to automatically adjust regeneration cycles to current needs.

Depending on the softener model, users may also be able to manually adjust settings to optimize the device's performance in the event of changes in water consumption or water hardness. This is particularly useful in situations where there are seasonal fluctuations in water use or when the quality of the input water changes.


Volumetric regeneration in water softeners is an intelligent way to ensure efficient and economical use of the device. By adapting the regeneration cycles to the actual water consumption and its hardness, you can significantly increase the efficiency of the softener and save regeneration salt.

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