What water to clean photovoltaic panels?

Panele fotowoltaiczne

The cleanliness of photovoltaic panels is a key factor affecting their efficiency and performance. Pollutants such as dirt, dust, leaves and even bird droppings can significantly reduce the panels' ability to absorb sunlight, which in turn leads to lower energy production. Therefore, regular and effective cleaning is essential. However, it is no less important to choose the right type of water that will be safe and effective for the panels. In this article, we will look at what water is best for cleaning photovoltaic panels.

Demineralized vs. distilled water

When cleaning photovoltaic panels, demineralized or distilled water works best. Both types of water are free of minerals and salts that can leave deposits on the surface of the panels after drying. The use of demineralized or distilled water minimizes the risk of streaks and stains that could further affect the efficiency of the panels.

Demineralized water

It is water from which most of its minerals and ionic salts have been removed by processes such as reverse osmosis or ion exchange. Demineralized water is widely available and often used in industry and homes for cleaning purposes, where it is important to avoid mineral build-up.

Distilled water

The production of distilled water involves evaporating it and then condensing it, which allows it to remove almost all impurities and minerals. Distilled water is even more pure than demineralized water, but its production is more energy-intensive and more expensive, which may affect its availability and price.

Hard water – potential risk

The use of hard water, i.e. water containing high concentrations of calcium and magnesium, to clean photovoltaic panels may lead to the formation of limescale deposits that are difficult to remove. These deposits not only degrade the appearance of the panels, but can also reduce their effectiveness. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid using hard water directly from the tap to clean the panels.

Cleaning systems using demineralized water

There are specialized solar panel cleaning systems available on the market that use demineralized or distilled water. These systems often feature brushes and other cleaning tools, allowing contaminants to be removed effectively and safely without the risk of damaging the panels. The use of such systems is especially recommended for regular maintenance of large photovoltaic installations.

Water for cleaning photovoltaic panels

Choosing the right type of water to clean your solar panels is crucial to maintaining their efficiency and longevity. Demineralized or distilled water offers the best results, minimizing the risk of leaving residues that could affect the panels' ability to absorb light. Regular cleaning with appropriate water is an investment in the efficiency and durability of the entire photovoltaic system.

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