Which self-cleaning filter before the water softener?

Automat K-Matic do filtrów Atlas Filtri Hydra

Cartridge rinsing machines are designed to automatically clean filters with backwashing. There are solutions available on the market dedicated to various models, and the choice of the right solution depends not only on the type of self-cleaning filter, but also on our individual preferences. In this field, the automatic drain valve with a K-Matic timer, dedicated to Atlas Filtri devices from the Hydra series, stands out.

What are self-cleaning filters?

Self-cleaning filters are a type of mechanical filter that removes contaminants such as gravel, sand and rust from the water.Depending on the needs, they can act as a pre-filter - before the water softener or work independently. However, many users of water filters do not want to spend time or money on regular servicing of these devices. It is with them in mind that backwash machines were created. Such solutions are a great convenience, because self-cleaning filters become almost maintenance-free. The user does not have to pay attention to them, because they rinse themselves of impurities.

The first K-Matic valve on the market: the first Atlas Filtri Hydra cartridge rinsing machine on the market

The K-Matic valve is an automatic cartridge rinsing machine with a timer. It was designed as an accessory for Atlas Filtri water filters from the Hydra series.This is the first battery-powered machine on the market designed to work with these filters, which does not require electricity.In addition, the Italian manufacturer made sure that the K-Matic was extremely easy to assemble and its operation was intuitive. The purchase of the K-Matic automate completely automates the cleaning process of the cartridge.The valve has low battery protection and is equipped with an instant flush function.The frequency of rinsing can therefore be adjusted to the quality of raw water, type of dirt, as well as individual needs.

The K-Matic machine is a novelty on the market.Try it and enjoy the maintenance-free operation of the filter and clean water without mechanical impurities.

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