How to measure water hardness?

Pomiar twardości wody testerem kropelkowym

Water hardness is an important factor that affects the quality of life and the comfort of using water in our homes. Checking the hardness of the water is necessary before deciding to install a softener. In this article, we will discuss three methods of measuring water hardness so that you can make the best choice for your home.

Testing in a professional laboratory

The first and most reliable way to check the hardness of water is to submit a sample for testing in a professional laboratory. We can decide on a sanepid or a company specializing in water analysis and selection of filtration devices.

Physical and chemical analyzes of water will be carried out in the laboratory, which will allow you to obtain accurate water hardness results. This is a proven method that provides the most precise information, but it is associated with certain costs and waiting time for results.

Water hardness test strip

The second way to check the water hardness is to use a water hardness test strip. This is a self-testing method that is quick but slightly less accurate than a laboratory test.

It is enough to dip the strip into a water sample, and after a dozen or so seconds it will change color. Then compare the color with the scale on the packaging to determine the degree of water hardness. Although less accurate, this method can be useful for people who want to quickly check the water hardness at home.

Droplet water hardness tester

The last of the discussed methods is a droplet water hardness tester. This is the most precise way to measure water hardness that we can do at home. After purchasing the tester, just pour a sample of raw water into a container and add drops of the tester to it.

When the water sample turns from green to red, the measurement is complete. The number of dispensed drops translates according to the scale into the degree of water hardness. Droplet water hardness testers showing the result on the French scale are considered the most accurate, so it is worth choosing such models.

Measuring water hardness at home

Measuring water hardness is a crucial step before installing a water softener in your home. Thanks to this, you will be able to choose the right device that will allow you to enjoy soft water and avoid the problems associated with hard water. Now that you know the three different methods of measuring water hardness, you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Whether it's a laboratory test, a quick strip tester or an accurate droplet tester - the choice is yours.

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