Is soft water distilled water?

Miękka woda destylowana

Often, when we talk about water treatment, the question arises: Is soft water distilled water? The answer is not simple, so we will try to explain it as much as possible in this article.

Let's start with the definition. Distilled water is a liquid free of mineral salts and most impurities by distillation. The process involves bringing water to a boil in a still and then evaporating it. The water vapor is condensed in the cooler until it becomes liquid. Distilled water is therefore essentially pure - free of mineral salts and impurities.

Distillation process: How does it work and how is it different from water softening?

However, keep in mind that water distillation is a process that is different from softening. Although both of these processes aim to change the properties of water, their purpose and result are different. Softened water, as the name suggests, undergoes a process that reduces water hardness. Softening involves the removal of calcium and magnesium, the main components responsible for water hardness, usually through an ion exchange process.

Distilled water, on the other hand, is devoid of not only calcium and magnesium, but virtually all minerals. Therefore, after the softening process, there is no chance of distilled water. Softening water is not the same as distilling it.

Understanding the differences: Distilled water is not soft water

In conclusion, soft water is not distilled water. These are two different types of water, obtained through different processes. Soft water, although it has reduced levels of calcium and magnesium, still contains other minerals. Distilled water, on the other hand, is virtually free of minerals.

These differences matter for a variety of applications, from domestic to industrial use. For most domestic applications, such as laundry, bathing and dishwashing, water softening is usually sufficient. However, for some specialized applications, such as in some industrial processes, laboratories or in medicine, distilled water may be required.

Comparison of health effects: Soft vs distilled water

When it comes to health, both soft and distilled water have their pros and cons. Soft water, although it reduces the amount of calcium and magnesium, still contains other minerals beneficial to our body. Meanwhile, distilled water, devoid of minerals, may not provide the body with the nutrients it needs.

However, keep in mind that distilled water is usually not recommended for consumption, especially for long periods of time. Due to the lack of minerals, it can draw these minerals from the body, which in the long run can lead to their deficiencies. Soft water, on the other hand, is safe to drink and use in everyday life.

Cost Comparison: Distillation vs Water Softening

Differences between soft and distilled water are also visible in the costs associated with their production. Distillation is an energy-intensive process that requires a lot of energy to heat and cool the water. As a result, the costs associated with the production of distilled water may be higher.

On the other hand, water softening is a relatively simple and less expensive process. This means that in the long run, the costs associated with maintaining a water softening system may turn out to be lower compared to the costs associated with water distillation.

Home Appliance Impact Comparison: Soft vs Distilled Water

Finally, it is worth mentioning the impact of these two types of water on home appliances. Soft water, due to its reduced hardness, can extend the life of household appliances, such as washing machines, dishwashers and kettles, minimizing the deposition of boiler scale.

Meanwhile, distilled water, although it does not cause limescale, is not usually used in domestic applications. This is due to its higher production costs and limitations in the supply of minerals necessary for the proper operation of some devices.

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