What service does a water softener require?

Serwis zmiękczacza wody

A water softener is undoubtedly an invaluable ally in a home water ecosystem, but, like any device, it requires regular service to ensure long-term efficiency.

Checking the salt level in the water softener tank

Salt plays a key role in the water softening process as it is used to regenerate the resin in the softener. This is why it is so important to maintain the correct level of salt in the tank. Checking the salt level is simple and does not require specialized equipment. Simply open the lid of the salt reservoir and check the salt level with your eyes. If the salt level drops below a third of the tank's capacity, it should be refilled.

When topping up with salt, it is important to only use salt intended for water softeners. Unsuitable salt, such as table salt, may damage the device or reduce its effectiveness.

Checking the water hardness

Water hardness is a key indicator of softener performance. Regular hardness testing allows for early detection of possible problems with the device and quick response. To check the water hardness, we can use water hardness tests available on the market. These tests are usually easy to use and provide quick results.

To perform the test, collect a sample of the water after it has flowed through the softener and apply the hardness test to it according to the instructions. The test should show a low hardness, which proves the effectiveness of the softener. If the test shows high hardness, the softener may not be working properly and needs further diagnosis or service.

Check the condition of the water softener pre-filter

Checking the condition of the pre-filter is another recommended service action. The pre-filter, also known as the mechanical filter, is designed to stop larger particles of impurities from entering the softener. Regularly checking and cleaning the pre-filter is extremely important for long-term trouble-free operation.

Depending on the quality of the water supplied to your home, the pre-filter should be checked at least once every six months. If the filter is dirty, clean or replace it. Replacing the pre-filter is easy to do yourself and does not require specialized equipment.

Using water softener cleaners and disinfectants

In addition to regular activities, once a year it is worth using agents for cleaning and disinfecting the bed, such as Ecoperla Antidotum and Ecoperla Antibacter. These specialized products are designed to effectively remove scale and bacteria that can build up in your water softener over time.

Ecoperla Antidotum is an agent that effectively dissolves impurities that may hinder the proper operation of the device. Ecoperla Antibacter, in turn, is a disinfectant that prevents the growth of bacteria in the device. Both products are easy to use and provide comprehensive softener care, which translates into its longevity and effectiveness.

Remember that proper and regular service activities will not only ensure long-term and trouble-free operation of the water softener, but also ensure that the water in your home will always be soft and safe for your health and household appliances.

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