What about minerals in soft water?

Szklanka miękkiej wody

After softening water, does it need to be mineralized? This is a question asked by many people who care about the quality of water in their home. In this article I will try to answer this question from the perspective of a water treatment expert.

Water softening process

Water softening is a process in which calcium and magnesium ions are converted into sodium ions by an ion exchange resin. This eliminates the problem of hard water, which can be harmful to household appliances and plumbing.

Health aspects of softened water

Softened water is free from calcium and magnesium ions that are usually present in hard water. While this is good for pipes and equipment, from a health perspective, softened water is not recommended for drinking in large quantities because it lacks some minerals that are beneficial to the body. However, remember that with a balanced diet, drinking water without calcium and magnesium should not be a problem.

Is mineralization required?

The answer to this question is complex. Water after softening is not ideal for drinking due to the lack of calcium and magnesium, but it can be easily used for domestic purposes. However, if we want to use softened water for drinking in large quantities, it is worth considering its mineralization. Adding minerals to water will not only improve its taste, but also provide the body with essential nutrients.

How to mineralize water after softening?

If we decide to mineralize water after softening it, we have several options available. One of the most practical methods is to use a kitchen filter with a built-in mineralizer. Such a device not only cleans the water of all impurities, but also adds minerals to it that were removed during the softening process. Thanks to this, the water becomes not only tastier, but also healthier for the body. The choice of the appropriate kitchen filter with mineralizer depends on individual needs and financial possibilities. This is an investment that will certainly improve the quality of water at home and have a positive impact on the health of household members.

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