Is softened water salty?

Słona woda po zmiękczaczu wody

Water softening is a process that eliminates hardness-forming minerals such as calcium and magnesium through a process called ion exchange. In this process, calcium and magnesium ions are replaced by sodium ions, leading to softer water that is better for your pipes and home appliances. But what consequences does this have for the taste of water?

At first glance, it might seem that replacing calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions would give the water a salty taste. After all, table salt, also called sodium chloride, is one of the basic ingredients used to regenerate the ion exchange bed in water softeners. However, the truth is that softened water is not salty, and as an expert in water treatment, I will explain why.

Does the taste of water change after softening?

Despite the fact that salt is used in the softening process, softened water itself is not salty. In fact, most people don't notice a significant difference in taste between hard and soft water. This is because the amount of sodium added to the water during the softening process is usually small and does not affect the taste of the water.

Softened water does not taste like seawater because the sodium content is negligible compared to the amount of salt in seawater. For most people, the most noticeable difference between hard and soft water is that soft water creates more foam when washing or cooking, rather than a difference in taste.

Is it safe to drink softened water?

Yes, drinking softened water is safe for most people. The amount of sodium added to water during softening is small and does not pose a health risk to most people. Of course, people on special diets, such as a low-sodium diet, should consult a doctor before consuming softened water.

However, please remember that water softening does not remove chemical or biological contaminants. Therefore, for optimal water quality, water softening is best combined with other treatment methods such as filtration and reverse osmosis.


Softening water does not make it salty. The softening process adds small amounts of sodium to the water, which does not affect the taste of the water. Softened water is safe to drink for most people, but if you have any concerns about the quality of your water, consult a water treatment expert. Remember that the best water treatment solutions usually involve a combination of different methods, such as softening, filtration and reverse osmosis.

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