Is drinking soft water healthy?

Picie miękkiej wody

The quality of the water we drink is extremely important for our health and well-being. Therefore, more and more people wonder whether drinking soft water is healthy. In this article we will try to answer this question by analyzing various aspects of the impact of soft water on the body.

What is soft water?

Soft water is water that contains small amounts of minerals, mainly calcium and magnesium. It can be naturally soft or softened using various technologies such as water softeners.

Is it safe to drink soft water?

Low mineral concentration

Because soft water contains small amounts of calcium and magnesium, its consumption will not significantly affect the body's need for these minerals. However, water is one of the many sources of minerals in our diet, so lack of water is not a serious problem.

Sodium content

Some water softening methods may increase its sodium content, which may be a problem for people on a low-sodium diet. However, it is worth noting that sodium levels in softened water are usually relatively low.

The taste of water

For some people, soft water has a more pleasant taste than hard water, which may encourage them to drink it more often. This is important because proper hydration of the body is crucial to health.

Latest research and expert opinions

There is no clear scientific evidence that drinking soft water is harmful. Some research suggests that drinking soft water may help prevent heart disease, but these results are controversial and need further research.


Ultimately, drinking soft water appears to be generally safe, although you may have some concerns about the sodium content in some cases. It is important to always consult your doctor or dietitian if you have any doubts about the quality of the water you drink.

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