How to use a drip water hardness tester?

Tester twardości wody

A drop water hardness tester is a tool that allows you to accurately determine the hardness of water at home or in industry. Although it may seem complicated, its use is simple and intuitive. Below we show you step by step how to use this tool correctly.

1. Get to know your tester

Before you start testing the water, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the testing kit carefully. A typical droplet tester includes:

  • test vial,
  • indicator solution,
  • color scale or reference table.

Before starting the test, make sure all kit components are clean and undamaged.

2. Prepare a water sample

Take the appropriate amount of water into the vial, usually up to the marked line. Water for the test should be fresh, preferably coming directly from the tap or source that we want to test. Avoid contact of the water sample with your hand to avoid introducing additional contaminants.

3. Add indicator solution

Once the water sample is in the vial, it's time to add the indicator solution. It is usually added dropwise, recording the exact number of drops used. After each added drop, it is worth shaking the vial vigorously so that the solution mixes well with the water.

4. Compare the color of the sample with the reference scale

After adding the appropriate amount of indicator solution, the color of the water in the vial should change. This color should be compared to the color scale or reference chart provided. This will tell you what the hardness of your water is.

5. Interpretation of the results

Once you have compared the color of the sample to the scale, interpret the results. The number of drops of indicator solution you had to add to obtain a specific color indicates the hardness of the water. The tester's instructions should include information on how to convert the number of drops used into specific water hardness units.

6. Cleaning and storing the kit

After using the kit, rinse the vial thoroughly with clean water and dry it. Store all kit components in their original packaging in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Regular cleaning and proper storage will ensure accurate and reliable testing in the future.


The droplet water hardness tester is an irreplaceable tool for anyone who wants to know the exact hardness of their home water. Thanks to it, we can adapt the water treatment system to our individual needs and monitor the effectiveness of the water softener. Remember to always read and follow the instructions carefully to obtain the most accurate results.

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