How to service a water softener yourself?

Samodzielny serwis zmiękczacza wody

Water softeners are an important element of our homes, ensuring optimal water hardness and protecting our devices against limescale deposits. However, just like any other device, water softeners require regular maintenance and service. In this article, I will present some practical tips on how to perform basic water softener service yourself.

Checking the effectiveness of the softener

The first step in home water softener service is to regularly check its effectiveness. This step can be easily performed using a water hardness drop tester. The effectiveness of the device should be checked at least once a month, and immediately after installation even every few days.

Checking the water hardness will allow you to quickly identify any problems with the softener's operation. Thanks to this, you will be able to react quickly and ensure the proper operation of the device.

Filling salt and checking the tank

The second key element of water softener service is regular refilling of salt in the tank. Salt is necessary for the regeneration process, which is crucial for the operation of the softener. Salt should be replenished when its level is approximately 1/3 of the tank capacity. Regularly replenishing salt ensures proper operation of the softener and prevents downtime.

You should not fill the tank completely. It is not worth pouring more than 2 bags of salt inside. Otherwise, you cannot see what is happening at the bottom of the tank (whether the salt has broken down).

Replacing the mechanical filter cartridge and cleaning the injector

The water softener is equipped with a mechanical filter that is used to capture any impurities that may damage the head of the device. The mechanical filter cartridge should be replaced every 3-6 months, depending on the water quality. Regular replacement of the filter cartridge ensures optimal operation of the softener.

The injector, a small element in the softener head, is responsible for sucking in the brine during regeneration. It requires regular cleaning, especially if the water contains a lot of iron. The injector can be easily removed and cleaned under running water, which will ensure its proper operation.

Cleaning the salt container

The salt tank is another element that requires regular cleaning. Theoretically, it should not be necessary, but practice shows that it is worth paying attention to. Sediments that should not be involved in the deposit regeneration process may accumulate in the reservoir. Additionally, salt may clump in the container, which interferes with the proper functioning of the device. All deposits and lumps of salt should be removed and then fill the tank with new salt. Remember that regularly cleaning the salt tank is a simple task that has a significant impact on the long-term effectiveness of your water softener.

Independent cleaning and disinfection of the ion exchange bed

We cannot forget about the key element of the water softener, which is the ion exchange bed. To ensure its effectiveness and longevity, it is worth regularly using specialized cleaning and disinfection agents.

Ecoperla Antidotum is a powder that effectively cleans the resin from iron deposits. We often encounter water with high concentrations of this element in our country, so regular use of Antidote is crucial to maintaining the effectiveness of the softener. This product is easy to use and can be safely used at home.

The second important product is Ecoperla Antibacter, which is used to disinfect the ion exchange bed. Thanks to it, we can effectively prevent the development of harmful microorganisms, ensuring the safety and purity of water in our homes.

Both of these products are great tools for keeping your water softener in top condition on your own. Remember, however, that regular use of Ecoperla Antidotum and Ecoperla Antibacter does not replace inspections carried out by a professional service. However, these measures will help you significantly extend the time between subsequent specialist visits.

Servicing the water softener yourself

To sum up, servicing a water softener yourself is a task that requires regularity and a certain amount of commitment, but it is definitely possible to do. Following these steps will help ensure long-lasting and effective operation of your device. Remember, however, that it is worth using a professional service once a year to ensure full safety and the highest quality of the softener's operation.

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