How many microns before the water softener?

Filtry narurowe przed zmiękczaczem wody

In the water treatment process, the softener is a key element that provides us with soft water in our taps. But have you ever thought about what's going on in front of this device? Pre-filtration is equally important and plays a role in optimizing the performance of the softener. In this article, we will explain what filtration accuracy the filter cartridge before the water softener should have.

Filtration accuracy

The optimal filtration accuracy of the cartridge before the water softener is from 10 to 25 microns. Such precise filters are sufficient to protect the device head against possible dirt, sand or other contaminants that could affect its efficiency. To extend the life of such cartridges, you can consider installing coarse filters before cleaning ones. Coarse filters have around 100 microns of precision. An example of such preliminary (rough) solutions are Atlas Filtri filters from the Hydra series.

Selecting a brand and series of filters

There are many brands and series of filters available that can be used before a water softener. We personally recommend choosing Atlas Filtri filters, especially from the Sanic series. This series of filters uses silver ions, creating a bacteriostatic coating on the filter. Thanks to this, we not only protect the softener, but also limit the growth of bacteria at the stage of preliminary filtration.

Why is this important?

The use of a filter with appropriate filtration accuracy is crucial for long-term and failure-free operation of the water softener. A filter with too high a precision may not protect the device against larger contaminants, while too low a precision may lead to faster wear of the resin and other components of the softener.


The filter before the water softener is as important an element of the water treatment system as the softener itself. By choosing a filter cartridge with an accuracy of 10 to 25 microns and using renowned brands such as Atlas Filtri, we can significantly influence the efficiency and life of our water softener.

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