Hard water and heat pump – is it a big problem?

Twarda woda w bojlerze

Hard water is a common problem in many regions and can pose a challenge to heating systems, including heat pumps. Water hardness results from the high concentration of minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which can lead to a number of problems, especially in systems that require effective water circulation, such as heat pumps.

The impact of hard water on heat pumps

  1. Clogging of the DHW tank (Hot Water): Hard water can lead to scale deposits in the domestic hot water tank, which reduces its efficiency and may shorten the life of the device.
  2. Problem with Circulation and Circulation Pumps: Scale and other deposits can cause problems in the operation of pumps, limiting their efficiency and increasing the risk of failure.

Solution to the problem – water softeners

One of the most effective ways to deal with hard water in the context of heat pumps is to install a water softener. These softeners work on the principle of ion exchange, removing minerals responsible for hardness from water. Here are two models worth considering:

  1. Ecoperla Toro 24: This is a highly effective water softener that deals with hard water perfectly. Its advanced technology ensures long-term operation without the need for frequent servicing, which is important in the case of cooperation with heat pump systems.
  2. Ecoperla Vita 25: This model is also an excellent solution for homes struggling with hard water. Vita 25 is characterized not only by its effectiveness in eliminating water hardness, but also by energy efficiency and ease of use.

The problem of water hardness and its impact is not limited to heat pumps. The same issue applies to virtually every device that uses water heating, including various types of boilers and boilers. Hard water heated in these devices can lead to similar problems.

Hard water and boilers

  1. Sediments in Bojlery: In boilers, where water is heated and stored for a long time, hard water can lead to scale deposits on the heating elements and tank walls. This not only reduces the heating efficiency, but may also shorten the life of the device.
  2. Problems with boilers: In the case of boilers, especially those using solid fuels, hard water may cause scale to form on the heat exchangers, which reduces heating efficiency and increases the risk of failure.


Heating hard water in home heating systems, whether it's a heat pump, boiler or boiler, can lead to scale problems. Installing a water softener is an effective way to avoid these problems, ensuring long-term and efficient operation of heating devices. Choosing models such as Ecoperla Toro 24 or Ecoperla Vita 25 can be crucial in ensuring optimal operation of the heating system in hard water conditions.

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